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I don’t know how much of my backstory is truly necessary here, so I will try to be brief.  I lived a very consumer-driven lifestyle, which was only enhanced by a career that was image-obsessed.  I believed most of the lies the world told me, and eventually my heart became too sick to remain the same.

Our decision to relocate to British Columbia was extremely difficult to make, and to accept. I lived my entire life in one place, trying to learn how to belong, but never quite getting it.  I hadn’t dreamed I would ever leave where I had always been, so the thought of starting over made me weak with fear.

Confronting fear is a game changer.  It is the force that drives me forward toward the unknown.  As scared as I am of doing something new, I am far more afraid of not doing it.  Rebel Nerd, they call me.  We decided to give the kids a year to adjust to the idea of moving, and then, a year later, we loaded all our crap into a bus and drove that mother out here.   I’m sure more than a few people thought we were crazy.  Although we do have kids, we don’t talk about them here.  First rule of granola light club:  Kids don’t want nothin’ to do with granola light club.

Coming here has challenged the way I think.  It has challenged the way I relate to myself, and to others.    It has deeply enhanced the relationship I have with my family,  and my physical and mental health.  I feel strong and free.  I feel close to the land, and I spend a great deal of time surrounded by fresh air and trees.  I can no longer afford to forget where my real home is.   I am the original granola-light, because I understand how hard it is to make a huge change all at once.  I’m about setting small goals of being more sustainable, greener, more willing to find ways to reuse/repurpose something, instead of buying something new.  We try every day to do a bit better, and so far it’s working out well.


I also have a really interesting new job, with a company that excites me and makes me feel like an important part of the team.  I’m surrounded by cool people who are into setting and achieving goals, personally and professionally.  I like what I do, and the people who I work with.  I feel like I might have won the ‘New Career Lottery’ 🙂

Starting over isn’t easy, but it has a lot of amazing rewards.  It’s been a chance to start living the life we have been dreaming of since we met.  It feels amazing to finally be seeing it happen for real.


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  1. Hello old friend. You look, sound and seem happy. Wishing only the best to you and your family. It is so hard to start over, but exciting. Keep going. Loved reading this. Xo Honey

  2. Great to hear Gerri! a.k.a Granola Light, I am so proud of you and know what it’s like my new adventure has me working out there with my husband for parts of the year and back from where your roots began! Enjoy every minute of out there cause let me tell you Northumberland is still here and the same. Say hello to Birdman and maybe we can get together sometime. 😘

  3. Wow look at you…. you look like you have the world by the tail and enjoying the ride! You go girl……by the way nice to see ya!

  4. Wow !! Good for u gerri!! So happy for u and your family !! But for some reason I always thought u had it in you to be the adventurer ( I know I spelled that wrong lol)

  5. Hey Gerri! Loved reading your backstory. So happy you have found the happiness you deserve. Keep smiling. Becky xox

  6. One of my favourite playwrights George Bernard Shaw once said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” I think nowhere is this statement more applicable than with you. Keep creating Gerri!

    April xo

  7. You look so happy and content! I am in BC right now (Tofino) and can’t wait to move here myself. I feel grounded here. I know that the smallest little cedar house would do me just fine (the more sustainable the better). The air is different…the people are friendly…and there is peace here. I too will be leaving my old life behind much sooner than my pension fund would suggest. I’m going to risk it all very soon and I’m not worried. Let’s just say the universe has pushed me this way. I love you and miss you. So warmed that you have found the peace you deserve.

  8. So glad your happy now Gerri!! Keep enjoying life and doing what’s best for you. We miss you here but are glad you’re doing well! ❤️ Sarah & Wes

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