About Us


We are a middle aged couple that has moved from a town in Ontario, east of Toronto, to Hudson’s Hope, BC, a beautiful, small town near the southern end of the Northern Rockies. We hope to change our way of life to a more earth-friendly, slow paced, granola existence, but we know that it isn’t going to happen overnight. Hence the name of the blog. Hey, we aren’t trying to fool anyone, least of all, ourselves.

This is our journey. It will involve worms, and hopefully a whole lot of other critters.

Oh, and love. It’s the glue that holds this whole thing together.


This be we
This be we

P.S. We aren’t including the children. Believe me, they are okay with that.



That is one of the most hideous photos of me I have ever seen.   I think he wants you to think I’m quite ugly.  He’s jealous because he’s put on some weight maybe.

I’m less about the green crusade (although I’m totally down for that too) and more about living life authentically.  I’m talking about becoming the kind of person that makes you proud to be you.  I am working toward being a greener (that’s just a metaphor btw), more socially responsible, more globally conscious, more FINANCIALLY FIT person.

Our life is an evolving testimony to the power of taking small steps towards the future you are dreaming about.

And this is what I REALLY look like…

Effortlessly hot at work.
Effortlessly hot at work.