You Can Support Us For Free

“We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites.”

From time to time, you might see something advertised on this site, and more than likely it will be from Amazon. There will also be a search bar widget on the home page that will take you to Amazon, and probably a link to things that we have got ourselves, and can recommend to others.

We do receive a referral fee from Amazon for advertising their products, if someone clicks on a link on this site and completes a purchase with Amazon within 24 hours.

We’re not asking you to do any shopping that you don’t want to do, but if something that Amazon provides tickles your fancy, we really would appreciate the support.

As we live in a remote area, with limited access to anything other than groceries and hardware, we have come to trust and rely on Amazon’s excellent selection, and expedient delivery if something is in stock. If it isn’t, they are very good at notifying you of any problems, and their shipping is easily traceable. So far we have had no problems at all.

If we ever do, you will be the third to know.


Products For Review and Sponsored Posts


We will accept products for review, and depending on the product, may charge a fee for said review, which will be discussed prior to accepting an agreement.

Whether the review is good or bad, it will be published. Keep that in mind before contacting us. We know the difference between good and bad, and we are not shills.

We may elect to post reviews of products that we have tried on our own, to inform any readers of potential junk, or of such grand quality that they would be foolish to ignore.

Either way, we will notify you, the reader, if it is a paid review, or if it’s just our opinion about something we have bought ourselves.

As for sponsored posts, this will be entirely discretionary. We are not opposed to providing a forum for a worthy cause, but we will not be promoting crap.

Contact us via the contact page for more info, or don’t. We will still be here, plugging away.